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      Interactive location-mapping explored at GIS Day

      Students and professionals explored the rapidly-expanding field of Geographical Information Systems on Wednesday at 2012 GIS Day.

      The event took place at One Lake Erie Center in downtown, Toledo. Visitors learned about the technology at several seminars, and obtained information from specialists in the field.

      GIS is an interactive mapping system that tags date and location data. The technology is found in cell phones, tablets, personal computers, and many other professional and consumer applications. If you have used Google maps, or MapQuest, you have used a GIS system.

      Toledo plans to implement the technology in a city-wide initiative to improve communication between its divisions. The application is called â??Cityworks,â?? an asset-management system recently put into use at the water distribution facility. The city is looking to expand the GIS-based system in other projects.

      â??The city is working on a lot of different projects,â?? said Lindsey Danforth, GIS Specialist for the City of Toledo. â??We are currently building different web apps, so weâ??re hoping to have a lot of different capabilities using the web, leveraging the web resources.â??

      Students from the GIS program at PENTA Career Center in Perrysburg showed off their work, displaying maps they created during the past semester. The two-year intensive program prepares students for future careers as they learn to create and interpret data using satellite imagery and mapping software. Students can earn GIS Certification to step into the workforce.

      PENTAâ??s Daniel Wyandt said, â??Helping kids into their future, really is gratifying.â?? The program is currently in its fifth year, and serves 16 schools in five Northwest Ohio counties. Wyandt said, students can use the skills they learn in many fields, which include construction, petroleum engineering, biology, and geography.

      â??I enjoy problem solving in itself, itâ??s almost like a puzzle,â?? said Nathanial Dobbs, a GIS student at PENTA. Dobbs described, â??The total implementing of the data into the map itself,â?? as his favorite part of GIS.

      Students were recognized in several categories for their work, and some lucky winners took home special door prizes.