Inventor says $9 bike could change the world

According to the inventor this prototype rides quite stiff, but is not different than riding other ordinary bikes.

Could a bicycle made almost completely from cardboard revolutionize transportation in the poorest parts of the world?

That's the bicycle's inventors says. Izhar Gafni, 50-year-old bike designer, made the bike from recycled cardboard, plastic and old tires.

"Making a cardboard box is easy and it can be very strong and durable, but to make a bicycle was extremely difficult and I had to find the right way to fold the cardboard in several different directions. It took a year and a half, with lots of testing and failure until I got it right," Gafni told Reuters.

His business partner, Nimrod Elmish, says it's made from cheap raw material available in almost any country.

He says the bike only cost nine-dollars to make. The pair's business model involves rebates for using "green materials" they say will cancel out production costs and allow the bikes to be given away free in poor countries. Production is starting in Israel with three different bike frames and a wheelchair.