iPhone app makes users action movie directors

Bad Robot make Action Movie FX app so you can blow stuff up! / Photo Giddy - Flickr

Have you ever wanted to be a big budget action movie maker? Now there's the Action Movie FX app for iPhones and iPads that lets you do just that.

Developed by J.J. Abrams film production company Bad Robot, the company behind such blockbuster action films as Super 8 and Cloverfeild, the app allows users to shoot their own video on the iPhone or iPad and add in all kinds of cool special effects.

Users can add missile attacks, like the one above, or have a car flip and crush whatever the "director" feels needs crushing. There are other effects, liked armed gunman shooting machine guns and a helicopter crash, but they'll cost you $0.99 per effect.

You can see what else the app offers at this Yahoo! article.

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