Is Facebook making you depressed?

Have other people's Facebook status updates ever left you feeling like a total loser? Or have you ever felt that your best friend's life is perfectly easy and joyful, while yours is nothing but struggle and anxiety? You're not alone.

According to a Stanford University study, everybody has such experiences, and in an already alienating society, social media and Facebook only makes these feeling of loneliness stronger.

In a series of five experiments, the study" which was inspired by the Facebook envy experience though does not explicitly address it" identified several intersecting psychological factors that underlie the grass-is-greener phenomenon. The first two experiments showed that people consistently underestimate how often other people have negative emotions, while overestimating how often they have positive ones.

First, the researchers asked 63 college freshmen to report the positive and negative experiences they had had in the previous two weeks. Participants also reported on whether or not they were alone when they had these experiences, and whether they tried to bury the bad stuff. Researchers found that 29% of students' bad experiences occurred in private, compared with 15% of the good ones. And 40% of the time, people deliberately concealed negative feelings.

That helps explain why other people always seem like they're having so much fun " they generally tend to be happier in social settings, and they usually don't dwell on feelings of loneliness or depression when they're out in a group. In contrast, many of our negative emotions are experienced alone, so we're the only ones who see ourselves at our loneliest and most depressed.

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Remember, if you're feeling alone, you're in good company. Absurd as it may sound, the friends whom you envy may be envying you just as much!

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