It TMs popcorn season!

Boy Scout Director Matt Shanahan loads boxes of popcorn for Scout Troop. / Joe Galli

Expect to hear a knock at the door soon from your local Boy Scout troop. The Boy Scouts have begun their popcorn sales today. You can buy all different types of popcorn and they are also selling chocolate covered pretzels. Proceeds from the sales go toward Boy Scout events such as Mudhens overnighters and pine wood derby cars.

Executive Scout Director Matt Shanahan says the scouts learn special life lessons selling the popcorn. They can earn rank advancements and merit badges for communication and salesmanship. It gives them an opportunity to do public speaking and grow within themselves, he says.

If you just can TMt wait for the scouts to come knocking you can go online to buy their products . The proceeds can still go to local Boy Scout troops. The scouts will be selling their popcorn through the fall until the beginning of November.