It's that time of the year: Back to school physicals for student athletes

ProMedica physicians office. (WNWO/Marcus Espinoza)

Heading back to school?

It might also mean heading back to the doctors office.

"It's an extremely busy time for physicals. It's that time of year," said Dr. Ryan Szepiela, ProMedica Physician.

While it's encouraged for all students to get physicals, it's only required for student athletes, according to the Ohio High School Athletic Association.

ProMedica Physician Dr. Ryan Szepiela says a simple physical may lead to the discovery of a more serious problem.

"The physicals just allow us to know if anything is going on. I mean you can't rule out don't go to the extent where you say 100 percent never going to have a problem here, but we can find things that people might not know they have," said Dr. Szepiela.

Cody Butler will be a junior this year. The Napoleon High School football player says he's already done his physical for the school year and think it's a good requirement for student athletes.

"You just go there to make sure you're all healthy and everything so you're good to play sports. You just go through physical test and they just check you to make sure everything is healthy and you're good to play sports," said Butler.

According to Stop Sports Injuries, athletes account for an estimated 2 million injuries and 500,000 doctor visits each year.

ProMedica says they offer their sports physicals for $30.

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