James Moore testifies against his friends for plea deal

James Moore,19, takes the stand to testify against his friends.

The jury in Moody Manor murder hears the testimony of a key witness, James Moore, who took the stand Friday morning.

Moore agreed to a three year plea deal if he testified against his two friends, Keshawn Jennings, 21, and Antwaine Jones,19, who face murder charges for shooting and killing baby Keondra Hooks August 2012.

Keondra Hooks and her 2-year-old sister Leondra Hooks had been sleeping when sixteen shots entered their great-grandmotherâ??s apartment.

Moore confirms the group shot at the wrong house. The group planned to shoot at 2217 apartment. Moore admitted to offering to shoot the house initially, but Jennings and Jones fired shots at the Hooksâ?? apartment. Moore stayed behind in the van.

The group calls themselves â??man or boy,â?? and have been childhood friends. Moore said he never had a job and dropped out of high school his first year.

As of 10:50 a.m., James Moore is under cross-examination.

Judge Frederick McDonald told the court juror 3 has been dismissed for health reasons.