JCPenney tries new ad tactic in wake of 'Too Pretty' Fail

JCPenney did some serious backtracking following a national flap over its "Too Pretty to do Homework" sweatshirts.

In its latest clothing ad they dart in a new direction...and some may find the ad to be yet another national snafu in the making.

The ad, featuring sportscaster Kenny Mayne and an iconic scene from the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High" is meant to push JCP's Van Heusen line...but may instead simply push buttons.

You can see the ad by CLICKING HERE.

The movie clip features a bikini clad 1982 Phoebe Cates climbing out of a swimming pool...part of character Brad's fantasy sequence in the movie. The scene, now an iconic part of 80s culture, is instantly familiar to anyone who has seen the 80s classic flick.

But some, including the all things celebrity and fashion site Jezebel, point out that the ad isn't only sexist...but borderline stupid.

Jezebel writes "Are you using computers to come up with your concepts now? Did this ad result from some sort of ad algorithm gone wrong: lady in bikini + sports personality = middle-aged men buy things. Beep bop boop. Yeah, the problem with that equation is this: in these modern times, if you insist on playing off of broad stereotypes, an ad has to be clever and funny."

They continue "This ad isn't offensive because it's sexist (though it is), it's offensive because it's stupid. It insults men by assuming that they're such Neanderthals that they won't watch ads or shop unless there's the promise of sex involved. It insults women by, duh, objectifying them."

Your turn to weigh in. Is the ad sexist? Is the ad just stupid? Will anyone watching the ad actually look at the clothes? Is JCP trying too hard to make up for the "Too Pretty" snafu?