Jeep's Twitter account hacked

Jeep's hacked Twitter profile is seen in this screen grab.

Hackers took over Jeep's Twitter account Tuesday, making false tweets for a stretch of time.

Hackers posted that the Jeep brand had been sold to Cadillac because employees had been caught using pills. They also posted that there would be no more Jeep production.

The move was similar to an incident involving Burger King's restaurant chain on Monday. Burger King's hack lasted over an hour, while Jeep's Twitter page was overrun for only about 10-15 minutes. I

t's not clear if the two attacks are linked.

Chrysler says the company's social media agency got help from Twitter to regain control of the account. By late afternoon, the automaker tweeted: "@Jeep: Hacking: Definitely not a #Jeep thing. Weâ??re back in the driverâ??s seat!"