Jerusalem fire chief fired

Jerusalem Township trustees unanimously voted to remove Harold Stanton from his position as fire chief Tuesday.

The reaction of citizens who attended the meeting was overwhelmingly disappointed with the decision.

Stanton's removal stems from allegations that he allowed local resident Jim Gray to remain at the scene of multiple emergencies when not authorized to be there.

However Stanton's attorney, Kevin Greenfield, says the decision was personal.

"The person that they alleged was unauthorized at the scene, is a brother of a former trustee who there is a lot of animosity between the trustees presently sitting and that person," he explains.

That thought was echoed by many residents and colleagues in attendance .

"I think it was completely unjust. It was a personal vendetta that had nothing to do with chief Stanton," says firefighter Robert Bonnough.

Jim Gray is reportedly a former firefighter and EMT for the township. He tried to re-apply in 2011, but the trustees did not approve his application.

Stanton's colleages says the decision did not come as a surprise.

"We all expected that they were going to make this decision. We were hoping they would make a lawful decision and reinstate him, but we expected this decision," says Bonnough.

Stanton's attorney says this decision will not be the final word.

Greenfield says, "An appeal will be filed tomorrow. And there will be other things that will be contemplated as well."

The trustees did not comment of the decision, nor did they open the floor for discussion.