Jewelry store dogs watch over shop, greet guests

It's a quaint little place in downtown Perrysburg.

The Artforms Perrysburg Gallery carries a variety of hand made stained glass and jewelry and like any good business, as soon as you walk in, you'll have a friendly greeting, but here it's by three dogs.

Sam, Daisy, and Elbert aren't much for high pressure sales.

They mostly just want to hang out and get petted every once in a while.

They'll come up to anybody and say hi. I mean they're not partial to baseball caps for some reason, but they still come greet everybody and it just makes everybody feel right at home, said Alex Friesner, an Artforms Employee.

If the dogs brush up on you, there's a service for that. We always guarantee that if they're nice to our dogs we'll give them a lint roll so we'll clean ~em off as long as they're nice, said Kristen Kaminsky, Owner of the gallery.

It was about six years ago when Sam the dog got hit by a car.

Kristen and her husband couldn't leave him home so they decided to nurse him back to health at the shop. Turns out customers fell in love with the guy and it wasn't bad for business. They have mad a lot more sales than they've chased away, said Kaminsky.

On Monday, things were a little soggy and slow outside so the Golden Retrievers just sat in the window and watched the rain fall, chewed on their toys, and watched over the shop. They also waited for customers to say hi to and show around the place.

99% of them [customers] absolutely love it. They love the dogs, it relaxes them."