Job fair looks to hire hundreds

Booths at the job and career fair

A jobs and career fair was held at the SeaGate Convention Centre in downtown Toledo.

Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur, of Ohioâ??s 9th district, commented about the fair.

Kaptur said, "we want to help people who are interested in going back to work, to find the proper jobâ?¦if they do not have the proper training, we also have many educational institutions here."

Insurance, transportation, and heath field jobs were available.

The U.S. Office of Personnel Management was offering jobs as well.

Kaptur commented, "One of the most difficult categories to find employees with training is for veterinarianâ?¦the federal government hires a lot of veterinarians."

Kaptur talked about the benefits of the job fair for the potential employees.

"This job fairâ?¦saves so much time. You do not have to go to 58 different places, they come to youâ?¦it is very friendly, not a lot of high pressureâ?¦it is a real convenience."

Kaptur said that hundreds of employees with likely be hired because of this job fair.

If you missed this job fair, contact the Ohio District Office at 419-259-7500 or visit the Job Center at the Toledo-Lucas County Library.