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      Job seekers not deterred by cold and snow

      The cold weather and record snowfall has had little impact on the number of people visiting The Source in January. When Andre Johnson arrived to meet with his adviser at The Source, he learned one of the companies wanted him to come in for an interview. "I was concerned about getting to the interview because I didn't have a way of getting there," Mr. Johnson said. He discussed the dilemma with his adviser who said that someone from The Source would be able to give him a ride. "You have to be determined to work to have an honest living," Mr. Johnson said.

      On Thursday afternoon, every computer terminal in the main resource center was occupied. Andre Stone says he knows people who have had some difficulty getting to job fairs and interviews. "The job may be on the bus line and sometimes the sidewalks are not shoveled and so the weather has had an adverse impact on a lot of people," Mr. Stone said.