Jobe's mother speaks exclusively to NBC24

Robert Jobe's mother says there are no winners in this case.

The Dressels lost a husband, father and son.

The police department lost a good detective. And she lost her son.

Diane Jobe says, while it was hard to see her son led away in handcuffs, facing prison time as a cop killer, it was just as hard seeing Detective Dressel's grieving wife, Danielle, leaving the court in tears.

Mrs. Jobe says she's glad her son won't spend the rest of his life in prison. She says, he does deserve to serve time but not a lifetime.

Jobe says her son considers the verdict to be a second chance and plans to take advantage of the time he'll be spending behind bars to turn his life around.

Unfortunately, Mrs. Jobe says, because of her son's bad choices it's a journey he'll have to make alone.