Jobless benefits expire, leaving Ohioans with little

Tens of thousands of out of work Ohioans are about to lose their federal jobless benefits.

This comes after congressional republicans blocked a spending bill that would have funded another extension of money for the unemployed.

In Toledo, social agencies are bracing for a wave of need.

The loss of extended benefits may affect as many as 98,000 jobless Ohioans in the month of June and another 83,000 in July.

For most of these workers and their families this was their main life line standing between them and foreclosure and food banks.

In fact, the Seagate Food Bank, which is already running low on supplies is hoping to get another helping of generosity and donations to meet what will no doubt be a big need in the months to come and it may have already started.

"Actually we've seen a dramatic increase in people walk in and call in," said Jane Moore, Toledo United Way. "This morning our 211 call center answered 300 calls and on a usual day we get about 250-300 calls so in a half day, we've already gotten that number."

It is feared that as the federal benefits expire, another round of foreclosure auctions may be coming next, as people can not make house payments. Now, say the experts, is the time to act.

And for job seekers... the same advice.

"It's going to take a little longer to get that ideal job, and if you wait until the end of your unemployment, you may be left out with no unemployment and no job," said Michael Veh, Lucas County Workforce Development.

Veh says the lack of federal dollars may force many job seekers to settle for less.

"Losing that safety net can really open some people eyes to not being so particular not holding out so long maybe taking a job that going to pay a little less than what they were hoping for," said Veh.

And, in the end, it may be about expectations. With today's economy still serving up little hope, the experts advise to seek help and know your options as limited as they be.

For help from United Way, 211 is the number to call to get advice and to learn your options from housing to food stamps. Some might qualify for child care assistance or veterans assistance.

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