Joe Biden addresses Toledo auto workers

Vice President Joe Biden was in Toledo Thursday to trumpet the Obama administration's rescue of the US auto industry. Biden addressed an overflow crowd assembled at the UAW hall on Ashland Avenue in Central Toledo. "The President and I made a bet, a simple bet, we bet on you and we won," Mr. Biden said to rapturous, thunderous applause. Mr. Biden reminded his audience that many people still remain critical of the auto bailout and referenced a GOP presidential candidate when talking about how critics of the Obama administration said the private sector should have been allowed to loan money to Chrysler and GM. "No one was lining up to lend money, not even Bain Capital," Mr. Biden said. Bain Capital is the venture capitalist firm that was run by Mitt Romney.

Holly Duhamel, who works at the Toledo Machining Plant is Perrysburg, is amazed how unpopular in some circles the auto bailout continues to be. "I don't think those people realize what the impact would have been, from the textile industry, to the semi-conductor places, it would have even affetced the little boy who mows my grass because I wouldn't have been able to pay him to mow my grass," Ms. Duhamel said.

After his speech, Mr. Biden visited a Toledo school accompanied by US Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur.

There were no opponents of the the administration outside the UAW hall.