Joe Biden speaks at UT campaign rally

A crowd of over 1,500 people filled the Student Union auditorium on the campus of the University of Toledo Tuesday morning to hear a speech from Vice President Joe Biden. This was Biden's 23rd trip to Ohio during his vice presidency and his ninth trip to the state in 2012. Biden took the Romney/Ryan ticket to task for repeatedly saying that America was in decline. "I've got news for these guys, gentleman, it's never a good bet to bet against the American people because they are coming back," Mr. Biden said.

Junior Guyton Mathews IV introduced Biden and his daughter Ashley. Mathews transfered to the University of Toledo from a private college when his student loan debt began to be prohibitive. Mathews liked what Biden had to say about paying for college. "I feel the Democratic party is more helpful when it comes to expanding the Pell Grant because it has helped plenty of people who are in college right now, Mr. Mathews said.

Senior Kenneth Harbin, a Romney supporter, did not attend the rally because he did not expect that the Vice President would talk truthfully about the issues. "I am sure he didn't tell them about college unemployment, it's more lies, typical Joe," Mr. Harbin said.

Biden's visit was the first time since 2001 that a sitting President or Vice President spoke at the University of Toledo. President George W. Bush visited UT in September 2001.