Joe the Plumber: Punch school bullies in the face

Joe the Plumber is offering his "common sense approach" to dealing with school bullies.

Former Congressional candidate, Joe Wurzelbacher, is offering what he calls a common sense approach to dealing with school bullies.

With millions of dollars being spent by the federal government to address the problem of bullying in schools, Joe the Plumber says real solutions are ones that "raise the level of self respect for the victim."

"I have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to bullies," Wurzelbacher announced on

his website

. "If a kid is being bullied at school, my advice to them is to punch the bully in the face."

The Holland man, and former Republican candidate, ran unsuccessfully against Marcy Kaptur (D) for Ohio's newly-structured 9th District in Nov. 2012. He put himself back in the spotlight in February when he announced he would be

giving away a new AR-15 rifle

on his website. Last August, while running for office, he suggested suspected illegal immigrants should be shot.

Wurzelbacher says he aims to help governments, schools, and kids in combating bullying head-on. "The government can create as many boards, commissions, and informational sessions on sensitivity that it wants. The fact is, we still have bullies, and we still have victims who are trained not to stand up for themselves. In a time of fiscal crisis, it is low cost, effective policies like these that will turn this country around." WATCH VIDEO ANNOUNCEMENT


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