Joe the Plumber wants to prepare you for a zombie apocalypse

In a release sent to media, Wurzelbacher offers an assault rifle giveaway.

Fresh off his February rifle giveaway, Joe the Plumber wants to prepare you for a zombie apocalypse.
, led by former congressional candidate Joe Wurzelbacher, says it will give away an AR-15 to help remind Americans that in times of disaster, one needs to be well armed.

"One never knows when disaster may strike," said Wurzelbacher. "That's why I want every American to be prepared, and that includes being armed."

The Holland man, and former Republican candidate, ran unsuccessfully against Marcy Kaptur (D) for Ohio's newly-structured 9th District in Nov. 2012. He now gives his perspective to the conservative news site, Joe for America, providing what he says is a counter-narrative to mainstream media.

Wurzelbacher's website claims the Center for Disease Control fails to remind Americans that they need to be armed in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Yet, they do claim that preparing for such an event would be very similar to preparing for any other major disaster.

"One of the biggest threats in disaster situation is looters who wish to do you and your family harm," Wurzelbacher said. "It is criminal for the CDC to fail to recommend means for personal protection in their zombie video. Those clowns wouldn't make it through one episode of The Walking Dead. I hope everyone will take part in this contest, and more importantly, take action to prepare themselves for zombies or any other potential disaster situation."

The giveaway will also include 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a disaster preparedness kit. All prizes are valued at over $2,500. In a release sent to media on Monday, Wurzelbacher describes an AR-15 as an assault rifle, and part of his giveaway.

In August 2012, months after facing national backlash for his

YouTube video about the Holocaust and gun control

, Wurzelbacher made headlines once again for

statements about illegal immigration

. According to the Associated Press,

Wurzelbacher said that the U.S. needs to build a fence

at the Mexico border and "start shooting" at suspected illegal immigrants during a fundraising event for Arizona state Sen. Lori Klein in Prescott, Ariz.