Johnny Clarke's mother calls county prosecutor's investigation lazy

January 31, 2011, the bodies of Johnny Clarke and Lisa Straub were tortured and killed in the home where Straub lived. The bodies were discovered by Johnny's parents.

"My husband kicked in the front door, and all I hear as I was running toward the house was my husband yelling, God please not my son, not Johnny, not Lisa," recalls Johnny's mother Maytee Clarke.

Since that day, Samuel Williams was found guilty of the murders and is now serving life in prison.

Cameo Pettaway was also charged, but later acquitted after the prosecution decided there wasn't enough evidence for a conviction.

"Judge bates granted that motion," says Clarke, "[He was] refusing to allow the jury of his peers to deliberate on guilt or innocence effectively."

Mrs. Clarke says the prosecution was lazy, and the dismissal was granted because the county prosecutor, Julia Bates, is the wife of the judge in the case.

Mrs. Clarke has sent a letter to attorney general Mike DeWine asking him to investigate. She says every time there is a case involving the prosecutor and her husband, Judge Bates must ask for a waiver to be signed by attorney's on both sides. She claims that if someone does not sign the waiver, they might be subject to prejudice later.

"Nowhere else in Ohio's 88 counties does a judge in a court of common pleas, hear cases involving his spouse as the county prosecutor," the letter states.

She also says there were more people that were involved in the murders. She thinks there may have been as many as nine people present.

She says there is evidence to back up that claim, but it's mostly circumstantial, making convictions more difficult. But she still wants further justice to be served.

Clarke says, "There was so much evil that night. It devastates your soul and your mind and your heart."

Clark says she will not stop until everyone responsible is behind bars, saying, "There's not one rock that will go unturned by your mother to get justice, and get all these people that hurt you."

Cameo Pettaway, who was acquitted of the murder charges, is now serving six years in prison on an unrelated charge of felonious assault on his live-in girlfriend.