Joyful Smiles Thru Faith sends Kare Packages to sick children

Joyful Smiles Thru Faith (Jacqueline Federico)

TOLEDO - After battling her own ongoing medical issues, a Toledo woman decided to start a non-profit to send packages to children in the hospital.

Jacqueline Federico started Joyful Smiles Thru Faith a year ago. Since then, volunteers have sent hundreds of "Kare Packages" to children at Toledo Children's Hospital and Rebekah's Haven women's shelter.

"Many blessings have come our way. It's amazing how fast this has grown in such a short time," Federico said.

The bags are stuffed with teddy bears, coloring books, crayons, handmade cards and other items to help kids pass the time.

She got the idea after she had to stay in the hospital for an extended period of time.

"The great thing about it is that I can relate to the child, what they're going through."

The bags are packed in Jacqueline's home and delivered every three months. They also make special deliveries for families who request it.

She loves seeing the children's faces light up when they get their surprise.

"I was like wow you know, I couldn't imagine a child being sick in the hospital staying in there, being away from home, friends, family, their activities. I was like you know what I need to do something. I need to make a difference in those children's lives."

For more information contact Jacqueline at 419-304-3670 or

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