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Jurors shown video of Daniel Clay confession

Courtroom shown Daniel Clay video interrogation (

Monroe, MI (WNWO)-- "I tried to wake her up like 5,10 minutes," said Daniel Clay in an interview post arrest in 2016" There was no pulse."

On Thursday , the fourth day of the Daniel Clay murder trial, jurors were able to see the three hour video where Detectives Bryan Sroka and Michael Preadmore questioned the accused.

In the video Clay claims himself and Chelsea Bruck,a then 22-year -old waitress were having rough, but consensual sex--- but there’s some holes in his story.

He begins denying meeting Bruck or even seeing someone in a Poison Ivy costume. After much coercing and the revealing of his DNA on Chelsea's costume, Clay admitted the two had sex more than once and that he had choked Bruck, panicking when he realized she wasn't breathing and then buried her body.

Clay claimed he only choked Bruck 20-30 seconds, but according to Medical Examiner Leigh Hlavaty, Bruck could not have died in that time span.

The way in which she received the fractures to her face and break in her jaw have yet to be explained.

In the case, the burden of proof is on the Defense attorney, who reminded the audience in the opening statements to look at the intention of the crime-- whether or not he meant to kill Bruck-- when making a final decision.

The jury was dismissed before the video’s ending. Court continues next week when Clay is also expected to testify.

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