Jury declares mistrial in 1967 schoolgirl slaying

The prosecutor holds up a doll allegedly mutilated by Robert Bowman during closing arguments on Monday. / Tim Wening

Jurors in the 1967 schoolgirl murder case declared a mistrial after they became deadlocked in their deliberations, according to published reports. Because they were unable to reach a verdict for 75-year-old Robert Bowman's involvement with the murder of Eileen Adams--called a "hung jury"--the court must now start over.

The jury was sent home Tuesday afternoon by Judge Gene Zmuda after deliberations that lasted Monday afternoon to 9 p.m. that night. The panel returned at 9:30 a.m. Tuesday after sequestration overnight.

According to the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office, a pretrial hearing has been scheduled for Monday, August 29. At that time, the prosecutor will advise the court as to whether or not he intends to refile, amend, or drop the charges against Bowman.

Robert Bowman remains incarcerated at the Lucas County Jail.

Bowman is accused of kidnapping Eileen Adams, 14, after she got off the bus in December 1967. Police say he then raped and killed the teenager. Bowman has pleaded not guilty.

He had been a suspect in the killing since 1981 but was only charged in 2006 after authorities reopened the case and concluded that DNA evidence linked him to the crime.

Adams' body was found Jan. 30, 1968, in a Monroe County field bound in a braided, brown rug. Her hands were tied in front of her and a cord was wrapped around her neck and attached to her bound ankles. A nail had been driven into the back of her skull.