Jury deliberating in Toledo girl's '67 killing

The prosecutor speaks with the jury during closing arguments. / Tim Wening

Closing arguments in the Robert Bowman murder trial concluded Monday morning, and now jurors have to deliberate whether the now 75-year-old man killed a schoolgirl back in 1967.

Investigators believe Bowman snatched 14-year-old Eileen Adams as she left school and held her captive in his basement for days.

Bowman's ex-wife testified against him six days ago, maintaining, "He threatened me that he would kill me and my baby if I ever went to police... He made me go with him while he disposed of the body."

New DNA test lead to the reopening of the cold case, and prosecutors say Bowman should be convicted based on this evidence and his ex-wife's testimony.

Defense attorneys argued that the evidence is weak, saying the DNA isn't solid because four decades have passed since the girl's body was found in southern Michigan. They also questioned the validity of Margaret Bowman's late testimony and why she stayed with Robert years after the alleged murder.

Bowman has pleaded not guilty. He faces life in prison if convicted of the murder.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)