Karen Mills visited two local businesses

The new cookie being produced at YZ Enterprise

Karen Mills, President Obama's Small Business Administration Director, visited two local businesses.

Mills visited YZ Enterprises in Maumee and Ballreich Bros. Inc. in Tiffin.

First, Mills took a tour of the cookie manufacturing facility, before speaking at a press conference.

Mills said, "Many many small businesses and entrepreneurs...are able to start businesses on terrific innovative concepts, that can not be replicated by others, (and) that have competitive advantage."

She also mentioned what the Small Business Association sponsored loan was put towards in the facility.

"They have used the SBA loan to expand the air conditioning...(and) to expand the warehouse."

Next, Karen Mills, traveled to Tiffin, where she toured Ballreich Bros. Inc. chip and snack manufacturing plant.

During the tour, she watched the process of how whole potatoes are sliced, to how the bags are filled and packed in boxes ready for shipping.

After the tour, she spoke at a press conference in the warehouse.

Brian Reis, co-owner of Ballreich Bros. Inc, spoke at the press conference.

Reis said, "No joke. We take a lot of pride in making this Tiffin, Ohio business a much larger and stronger business."

Commenting about the SBA loan he said, "Without the SBA, Westfield would have been a little more reluctant to loan to us. They now know who we are through their partnership, through Westfield partnership. We are moving forward."