Kasich: ER not prescribing pills 'willy-nilly anymore'

New Ohio ER protocols will limit prescribing pills for chronic pain.

With overdose deaths becoming the number one cause of accidental deaths in Ohio, Gov. John Kasich wants to crack down on the prescribing of painkillers through state hospital emergency rooms.

The Associated Press reports Kasich's administration officials believe ER doctors are overprescribing pain pills and want to decrease that number with new rules.

"We're not giving you this stuff willy-nilly anymore," Kasich told the AP. "We're not going to allow you to get a prescription and go out and give it to your relative or give it to some kid or give it to anybody."

New emergency room protocols will advocate against prescribing pills for chronic pain while keeping an eye on fake IDs.

(The Associated Press contributed to this report)