Kasich seeks $3 billion in highway funding

Gov. John Kasich announced a $3 billion construction plan for highway construction in Ohio. Mr. Kasich made his remarks at a North Toledo business on Tuesday. "A lot of projects that people have been clamoring for will be started and completed," Gov. Kasich said. Gov. Kasich is on day one of a two day tour across the state to unveil his transportation plan. According to the Governor's "Jobs and Transportation Plan" the Ohio Turnpike will not be leased, and no turnpike employees will be laid off. Additionally people who travel on the turnpike less than 30 miles will not see a toll increase for ten years if they use EZ Pass.

$1.5 billion dollars will be raised from the issuance of bonds and an additional $1.5 billion is expected to be generated from matching federal funds. Gov. Kasich also proposes renaming the Ohio Turnpike the "Ohio Turnpike and Infrastructure Commission". "With this plan we will create 65,000 jobs for Ohioans," Gov. Kasich said.

Toledo Democrats were quick to criticize the plan. Lucas County Treasurer Wade Kapsukiewicz appeared at a press conference with Lucas County Democratic Party Chairman Ron Rothenbuhler and State Representative Michael Ashford(House District 48). "Governor Kasich announced a radical plan that will put the turnpike at risk and mortgage the future of the turnpike for one time money," Mr. Kapsukiewicz said.

The governor's proposal is due to be formally presented to the Ohio legislature in February.