Kasich: Successful health care bill requires both parties

Ohio Gov. Kasich believes health care bill needs to bridge both parties. (FILE)

Ohio Gov. John Kasich says the latest version of the Senate's health care bill remains unacceptable - and he blames partisanship.

The outspoken Republican said in a statement Friday that the legislation is flawed because it cuts Medicaid too deeply, fails to give needed flexibility to states and doesn't do enough to stabilize the insurance market.

Kasich has preached cooperation between the parties since running for president last year, including in a book published after dropping out of the campaign.

He's among a bipartisan group of governors that he says is standing ready to help Washington lawmakers craft acceptable legislation repealing and replacing President Barack Obama's Affordable Care Act.

Kasich said bringing solutions from both sides is necessary to "ensure we aren't simply replacing one divisive plan with another."

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