Keep your home protected with these cold weather reminders

A pipe is kept warm after being frozen (

Toledo, Oh. (WNWO)-- "I started having a trickling in my ceiling then I realized my second story was no longer functioning," said Dustin Woggerman homeowner. When he bought an older home, he knew he was in for some work.

What he didn't expect was how the cold weather would take a toll.

"We didn't think it was ice at first, but now we think the pipe is frozen," said Woggerman speaking of the football-sized hole in his ceiling. He also has water damage from the draining issues and and he'll have to replace his toilet.

"Just one more thing on my list…"

Woggerman isn't the only one with pipe issues in the city of Toledo.

"We have frozen drain lines, frozen water lines and burst pipes, " said Plumber Sam Uelalvarado from Rooter Right plumbing. He says their phones have been ringing off the hook.

"It's good business but it even runs down to a point where it's hard to manage."

Fred's Pro hardware Store says they've seen more customers come in with cold weather issues.

Toledo's Water Distribution administrator says their calls about frozen water meters have also picked up .

"They usually have been wondering if their water has been turned off for any reason," said Christy Soncrant Water Distribution administrator.

When residents call the City and their water account is found to be in good standing they're asked the following question.

"Where is your meter located? and a lot of the times they're in a basement which isn't heated very well or under the kitchen sink. "

To prevent your pipes and water meters from freezing keep them warm. Open cupboards and inside doors to let the heat in and make sure vents and windows are closed to keep cold air out.

"Make sure that you run water, running water is always good to keep the ice chunks from freezing," said Soncrant.

With more cold temperatures on the way, the City says you should take extra steps to keep your home protected.

If your pipes do freeze, expose that area to heat slowly with a hairdryer or lighted bulb.

Also turn on the faucet until the water is back on and let a pencil-lead-sized stream of water flow to prevent freezing again.

If your pipes remain frozen or you're having an issue with your water you can call the Engage Toledo Call center at 419-936-2020.

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