Kickball to cure childhood cancer

Kickball anyone? Dozens of players stepped up to the plate on Sunday in an effort to raise money to cure childhood cancer.

Several teams took the field at the Fremont Speedway for friendly competition at the second annual Kick-It event. WNWOâ??s own Chief Meteorologist Norm Van Ness helped emcee and even showed off some of his kickball skills in todayâ??s games. Players say itâ??s a great day for a worthy cause.

â??Itâ??s a blast, weâ??re making a lot of money, having a lot of fun,â?? said Holly Thacker, from the Memorial Hospital team. She joked, â??Weâ??re trying to be competitive and weâ??re so not competitive but weâ??re having more fun than anyone, and thatâ??s all that matters.â??

The national movement sponsored by Jeff Gordon Childrenâ??s Foundation helps raise money to benefit childhood cancer research. Over 40,000 children receive cancer treatment each year. Nearly 1 in 5 loses their battle.

Teams raised funds through cash and online donations. Along with auto racing collectibles and other items up for bid today, organizers say this yearâ??s Northwest Ohio event raised over $20,000 dollars.

â??The community really stepped up, racers and everybody,â?? said Kick-It event organizer Shelly Liskai. She added, â??It just has grown really, really big.â??

The Kick-It event page shows over 650 games were played nationally, with donations totaling more than $1.3 million.