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      Kidney transplant survivor gets Another Second Chance

      Troy Lewis was just 40 years old when his kidneys began to fail. His inspiring journey to recovery would eventually save both he and his brotherâ??s lives.

      At the age of 24, newly-weds Troy and Stephanie Lewis went to buy life insurance. In the process, a routine doctor visit revealed that Troy was suffering from IgA nephropathy, a rare form of kidney disease.

      Healthy living and constant monitoring of his condition put off complications until Troy turned 40. His condition rapidly deteriorated, and he was forced to start dialysis. He needed a kidney transplant.

      Troyâ??s search turned up many dead-ends, and donor matches were limited. Troyâ??s brothers and dozens of volunteers offered to donate their kidneys but none were matches. Along with his wife and two daughters, Troy turned to prayer, friends, and his church to cope with the situation.

      Early in 2011, Troy learned about the Alliance for Paired Donation, an organization that allows loved ones to donate kidneys even if they are not a match. With the assistance of Dr. Michael Rees of the University of Toledo Medical College, Troy received a kidney from a donor over a thousand miles away, while his brother Tony donated his kidney to a donation pool of nearly 300 others.

      Although Troy was only given a 1-in-400 chance that he would find a match, Jay Jullian from Colorado proved to be the answer to his prayers.

      All three surgeries were successful, and Tony Lewisâ?? life was also saved in the process. Doctorâ??s discovered an aneurism that they say would have killed him had it not been found.

      About seven months after his surgery, Troy was making a full recovery. He first visited Jullian at his church in Colorado, after an invitation from Pastor Scott Park. Troy then got to work writing about his experience in his own book.

      Another Second Chanceâ?|Godâ??s Story , was released in January of 2012. Troy now travels the country sharing his inspiring story. He will appear on Saturday, March 9 at the Home and Garden Show in Fremont.