Kids get books with burgers in McDonald's Happy Meal

Happy Meals will include books instead of toys in the UK.

In an effort to give the mind a little diet from the usual lore, McDonald's will give books instead of toys in Happy Meals for a limited time in the UK.

Kids can receive one of the Mudpuddle Farm series of books and an accompying finger puppy until Feb. 7. The decision was based on statistics from the 2011 National Literary Trust survey, which found one in three UK children do not own a book.

But many parents believe the literary campaign is misdirected through fast food.

"At a time when we have a childhood obesity epidemic this is clearly an inappropriate marketing strategy." Charlie Powell, Campagins Director of the Children's Food campaign told The Daily Mail.

Do you think the books are a good idea or is there nothing happy about kids and fast food? Weigh in below.

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