Koala Berry fro-yo shop fights hunger

Look at all the flavors!

Koala Berry Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream has just open on the corner of McCord and Central and they are already taking strides to fight hunger in Northwest Ohio.

They have teamed up with the Toledo Food Bank to try to collect a half a ton of nonperishable food to help local hungry children and families.

"We thought this was a great way to reach out to the community," said John Robie co-owner of Koala Berry Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream. "Our regulars have already donated several cans."

To help Koala Berry reach their goal they are offering a twenty percent discount to anyone who comes in and donates a can of nonperishable food at the location at the Regency Plaza in Sylvania Township.

Koala Berry is having a grand ribbon cutting ceremony on Saturday January 28th at noon. If you are not sure what is acceptable to donate check this list from the Toledo Food Bank.