Kohl's Cares gives $151,000 to local children's hospital

District 2 Councilman Mike Collins congratulations MCH and KKIA. / Mercy Children's Hospital Facebook

Dozens of families were at Walbridge Park in Toledo to participate in Mercy Children's Hospital's 6th annual Fun & Fitness Fair. The event kicked off the hospital's "Kids in Action" program which helps children battling obesity.

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Representatives of the Kohl's Cares for Kids Initiative presented the hospital with a check for $151,017 to help the funding of future childhood obesity programs.

Connie Cameron, Program Director for Mercy Children's Hospital said the money is needed to combat a serious problem. "There is a tremendous problem here in Lucas County and I think everyone is aware of it with obesity in children from very young ages to adulthood," she said.

The event at Walbridge Park included face painting and dodge ball and nutritionists were on hand to perform food demonstrations and hand out healthy food recipes.