Korean War vet will face arrest to see his memorial

Visitation of the Korean War Memorial in Washington D.C. has been overshadowed by all the media attention given to the World War II Memorial, and the groups of Honor Flight veterans who refuse to be denied access.

It's actually somewhat fitting, since the Korean War was also referred to as the "Forgotten War," or "Unknown War," due to it's lack of public attention.

But as local Korean War vet Walt Churchill reminds us, the souls lost in that war were just as big a part of our "Greatest Generation," and they aren't going to be stopped either.

Military veterans continue to visit the World War II memorial site in the capitol, despite the fact that it's technically closed.

"Most veterans could give a hoot about not going," says Churchill.

The National Park Service has said it will allow the Honor Flight visits to continue, but hasn't commented about other war sites. As for Churchill, who's scheduled to visit the Korean War Memorial in the capitol next week, plans haven't changed.

Walt says, "You're probably standing in the wrong place if you're standing in front of somebody that made the monument possible."

Walt ownes a few self-named local grocery stores, called Walt Churchill's Market.He says he has an idea for all those government officials who can't seem to agree.

"I'm sick and tired also of [being] politically correct. These people, if they don't like America, why don't they move," says Walt, with a little chuckle.

He says his actions in the Korean War have earned him the right to freely visit a place that honors his service.

"Some of these guys involved in closing these monuments were never in the service, so they've had a free ride," Walt says.

Even with all the controversy, Churchill says he'll always maintain a positive attitude, and these government closures just fuel his fire.

He says, "They say they're gonna close those things down? All that does is inspire you."

There is still the looming possibility of legal action against these veterans visiting the monuments.

WNWO's Chris Delcamp asked Walt, "What happens if they actually arrest you?" His reply was, "I don't give a damn, let 'em do it. What are they gonna do, feed me, make me a ward of the state?"

So, as for Honor Flight of Northwest Ohio, and Walt Churchill, the trip is a "go," and that choice comes down to a simple motto

"Don't let something like this ruin your day," says Walt.

And it's all due the gung-ho spirit of our "Greatest Generation."