Kroger changes coupon policy, will you save less?

Kroger is changing its coupon policy / WNWO

According to our NBC News affiliate out of Cincinnati, Kroger grocery store has a new coupon policy.

The chain is limiting the number of coupons customers can use at one time.

Kroger shoppers like Jenette Shamel say they "do not go anywhere" without their coupons in order to save money.

Regina Frazier, another Kroger customer, says she saves "a month -- maybe 50 bucks or more."

While "extreme" coupon usage has become a recent phenomenon, Kroger says the policy was developed because of the trend.

"It really comes from the stores and customers asking us for a clear definition of our policies, " Kroger PR Manager Rachael Betvler said.

The company says the new policy will help prevent Kroger's advertised sale items from selling out, spreading the savings to more customers.

Here's the policy:

1) The limit is 5 manufacturers' coupons on five of the same item

2) Only 2 internet coupons can be used for the same product per day

3) Expired coupons won't be accepted

4) All manufacturers' coupons are still doubled up to 50 cents (this does not apply to free or Kroger coupons)