Lack of snow hurting snow removal companies

The moderate snowfall accumulation in Toledo last winter led to financial hardship for many snow removal companies and forced several to close. According to Stephen Fuzinski of Greensweep, a similar scenario is evolving this winter.

"A lot of people are struggling, I know of at least 8 who closed their doors because they couldn't make it," Mr. Fuzinski said.

Randy Garrett began plowing snow with his pick up truck three years ago. The first two winters were good but last year was a struggle. "It was definitely not as good, I got to all of my clients just once; I made just enough money to put fuel in the truck," Mr. Garrett said.

The winter forecast does not appear to be promising for people in the snow removal business. The Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting a below average snowfall for Toledo in February. In January 3.1 inches of snow fell in Toledo which was 8.5 inches below the average .