Lake Erie shore communities already feeling affects of Sandy

Northwest Ohio was hit hard by high winds on Monday as the outer bands of Hurricane Sandy began to reach further inland. Communities along the Lake Erie shore experienced rain and high winds on Monday afternoon with those winds expected to intensify as the storm moves further west. Residents in Port Clinton were busy going to the grocery store stocking up on supplies in anticipation of power outages. Tom McCoy, a five year resident of Port Clinton, owns a home on the Lake Erie shore. "It was pretty intense watching the waves, and we probably haven't seen the peak of it yet," Mr. McCoy said.

On Monday morning the Ottawa County Emergency Management team held a conference call with the National Weather Service to discuss the track of the storm and how it might impact the cities along the Lake Erie Shore. Mike Drusback is Deputy Director of the Ottawa County Emergency Management Office. "They have talked about the lake rising another two to three feet with the potential for waves of 15 feet or more, so that could be an issue," Mr. Drusbacky said.

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