Lake Local School officials vent frustration over failed levy

Lake Local school officials meet following the failure of a recent levy request. / Adam Meyer

Several Lake Local officials used a school board meeting, Wednesday night, to express their frustration with area voters.

On November 8th, the majority of voters rejected a 4.75-mill, five-year operating levy.

"I am frustrated and I am angry. I don't understand why this community won't continue to support the schools," Lake Local School Board member Margene Akenberger said.

School officials will now be forced to make cuts, which according to Board President Tim Krugh may include teacher layoffs."It was disheartening because of the lack of gratitude by the community for all the incredible work we did to secure funds for a tax free high school," Krugh said.

School Superintendent Jim Witt says the levy's failure will not have an impact on construction of a new high school; being built to replace one damaged by a tornado in 2010, but will inevitably result in cuts.

Witt believes those decisions will not be finalized until after the "first of the year".