Landlord found guilty in carbon monoxide deaths

Domonique Reyes / file photo

Steven Snow brought a generator to a family living in a home he owned to help provide them with heat. That generator ended up killing them. Now Snow is facing up to 20 years in prison in connection with their deaths.

Snow pleaded no contest to four counts of reckless homicide in the deaths of Tamara McDaniel, 39 and three of her children, Damien Reyes, 18; Domonique Reyes, 16 and TaraLynn Wood, 10. All four were found dead on March 23 at their residence at 1319 Hamilton St. The Lucas County Coroner determined that McDaniel and her three children all died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Snow told NBC 24 that he had taken a gasoline powered generator to the residence after McDaniel contacted him, complaining it was cold in the house. He said he dropped it off in the evening of March 22. It was Snow who returned to find the family dead the next day. Police confiscated the generator which they reportedly found in the kitchen.

There were no utilities working in the house at the time of the deaths.

Snow will be sentenced on September 30.