Landlord indicted in connection to carbon monoxide poisoning deaths

1319 Hamilton St.

The owner of the home at 1319 Hamilton St. in south Toledo where a family of four died of carbon monoxide poisoning has been indicted by a Lucas County Grand Jury on four counts of reckless homicide.

Steven Snow, of South Ave. in Toledo, was indicted for the deaths of Tamara McDaniel, 39, and three of her children; Damien Reyes, 18; Dominique Reyes; 16, and Taralynn Wood, 10. The family was found dead on March 23 in the living room of the Hamilton St. residence. Investigators determined that a gasoline powered generator was operating in the adjacent kitchen.

The Lucas County Coroner determined that all four died of acute carbon monoxide poisoning. The amount of carbon monoxide in their blood far exceeded the amount necessary to be lethal.

Snow spoke with NBC 24 reporter Pamela Osborne and told her that McDaniel had texted him the evening prior, complaining that it was cold in the house and there were no working utilities. Snow said he dropped off the generator for the family on the evening of March 22. It was Snow who returned to the residence the morning of March 23 and discovered the family dead.

Snow told Osborne that he had arranged for electricity to be turned on at the home on March 22, but Toledo Edison crews had not shown up. A First Energy spokesman said that the company had no service restoration orders and there had not been electricity in the home since 2008.

Mr. Snow purchased the home in December 2010.

If found guilty on all four counts, Snow faces up to 20 years in prison.

The case has not yet been assigned to a judge for arraignment.