Last full day of campaigning for Toledo mayoral candidates

D. Michael Collins (left) and Mayor Mike Bell

Ever since emerging as the top two candidates in the race for Toledo mayor, following the September 10 primary, incumbent Michael Bell and councilman D. Michael Collins have been engaged in a contentious battle for Toledo's top elected position.

Mayor Bell says he deserves re-election because he fulfilled all of his major campaign promises made in the 2009 campaign. "The citizens asked me to balance the budget and keep the services going within the tax base and we were able to do that," Mr. Bell said.

Councilman Collins has been a persistent critic of Mayor Bell's foreign trips. WNWO asked Collins, if he wins the election would he travel outside of the state and country to lure businesses to Toledo. "If those economic drivers go outside the state and they have something that requires my presence that would be considered, but I am not going to go cold-knocking looking for businesses to come to Toledo. I have a city to run," Mr. Collins said.

The polls in Ohio open at 6:30 a.m. and close at 7: 30 p.m. Tuesday. VIEW latest #Decision2013 information and results here.

In the 2009 election, Bell defeated Toledo attorney Keith Wilkowski.