Last murder of 2012, first of 2013

The first murder of 2013 in the Toledo area is the result of a bar fight less than two hours after midnight.

"I really hope this isn't the way we're going to spend 2013," says Jeremy, who lives near the area where the homicide occurred.

It happened outside of the South Beach Bar & Grille on Alexis Road just before closing time early NewYear's Day.

When police arrived, there were reportedly numerous people fighting in the parking lot of the bar.

Moments later they discovered 23-year-old Christina Henderson. She had been stabbed in the throat.

"I was shocked cause it happened out here. I thought this was a good neighborhood but it's happening everywhere," says David, a man that lives just behind the bar.

The victim was transported to the hospital but died from her wounds a short time later. There is still blood on the ground and in the snow throughout the parking lot.

Some folks in the area say they haven't gone to that bar in some time, and this incident confirms why they made that choice.

"If i hear there's a stabbing or shooting or something, I'm not going there," says Jeremy, who's father lives across the street.

Just as 2013 began with a murder, 2012 ended with one.

Jeremy says, "Yyou're going to have it no matter where you go. There's always a bad apple no matter where you go."

Police were called to a home on Berdan Avenue on New Year's Eve. When they arrived they found 24-year-old Brian Minley allegedly shot. He was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead a short time later.

Folks that spoke with WNWO at the scene say that the only way to combat the violence in the Glass City is more police presence.

"I think it's going to get worse with all the gang violence and stuff like that. It ain't gonna stop. It's just gonna be more to come," says David.

Toledo Police do plan on hiring more officers this year. They are hoping that more patrols on the street will help curb the violence here in Toledo.