Late week sizzle on the way

TOLEDO -- A taste of what we didn't see much of this summer to wrap up the work week: Heat & Humidity. It begins to kick in today. We're sunny and comfortable to start the day as we start out in the low and mid 60's. A warm front will begin to move in by mid-day and you'll see it first later this morning in the form of those high, cirrus clouds which will filter the sunshine at times. If you're packing your lunch today and eating it outside expect temps to be in the low/mid 80's out there. This afternoon, once the front moves east, the increasing humidity will be evident as the Sweat Index ramps up and temps climb into the upper 80's under partly cloudy skies.

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Overnight skies will be partly cloudy and it's going to grow extremely muggy. A sticky start is in store Friday morning as we'll start the day near 70 degrees, a full dozen degrees below normal. Expect more of the same throughout the day. We'll see partly cloudy skies early and watch it get milky by mid-day and become partly sunny during the afternoon. It's going to get so hot and humid during the afternoon you'll need to take precautions to gaurd against Heat Stroke as we'll see highs getting into the lower 90's with Heat Indices of 93 - 96 degrees. That is in the stress range so be sure to stay hydrated and take breaks and be sure to caution those with respritory problems, the young and old and be sure the furry four-leggers have access to shade and water throughout the day!

The hazards don't end with the oppressive heat and humidity dealt Friday afternoon as a POWERfull cold front moves in for the Friday Night Frenzy. Yes, those high school football games could be a challenge as a dramatically cooler and drier airmass moves in to become our weekend weather maker. Be WEATHER ALERT from late Friday afternoon into the early morning hours of Saturday. The opposing air masses will do battle with the cold air knifing under the warm and kicking-up what could be mean, violent, strong and even severe thunderstorms. The timing is not good so be sure to monitor throughout the afternoon if you're planning to head out and watch our boys trade paint Friday evening.

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We could see some lingering, light showers behind the front early Saturday morning. After that things couldn't get much more comfortable for the rest of your weekend. Skies will become sunny by the afternoon and the Comfort Index will soar as high temps don't get above the lower 70's. Sunday will be the pick of the weekend with sunny skies and refreshing highs in the mid 70's. So turn off the AC, open those windows and air it out over the upcoming weekend... it will be very user friendly to be out in it all weekend long!

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First we need to get there. Use caution with the heat & humidity and be on top of the latest as those storms invade Friday evening.

Stay cool & we'll see you soon!