Laugh or cry: video shows teens can't answer basic trivia

If this video doesn't make you laugh, it might just make you cry.

Jay Leno and his "Jaywalking" have nothing on Austin, a high school reporter who set out to put the young minds of his student counterparts to the test. In a matter of minutes, we see that a series of basic trivia questions is more than a bit too much to handle for a group of America's future.

With only a camera and microphone, Austin manages to stump teenager after deer-in-the-headlights teenager with simple questions such as, "What countries border America?" and "Name a country that begins with the letter 'U'."

In a nail-biting moment, when asked who holds the position of vice president of the United States, one students responds, "I don't know who it it's, it's, it's somebody....Bin Laden."

Needless to say, some of the responses will definitely surprise you. Have a look in the video above, but, in all fairness, I'll warn you not to drink anything while watching.

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