Law firm announces suit against Whirlpool corporation for sickness and deaths connected to toxic material


n an afternoon press conference lawyers with the
Albrechta and Coble law firm announced a suit against the Whirlpool Corporation and the current and former owners of the Whirlpool Park in Clyde.



e believe that as much as this case has gone on since 2006, and with the incidents of the PCB's that now is the time to initiate a lawsuit. now is the time to begin to answer these questions



explains Joseph Albrechta, partner with the Albrechta & Coble law firm.


ince the mid 1990's

, numerous people have become ill and some have died from cancer who lived in and near Clyde. Some of the questions being asked is, "how this stuff got there, why it got there, and how it is community members were invited to a park," says Albrechta.

For Tim Lagrou, he just remembers his wife, Christina, "she liked to swim at whirlpool park. After I heard on TV that the things were going on in there it just kind of hit me, it had something to do with it," explains Lagrou.


ighting overwhelming emotion

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Lagrou talked about his wife Christina Lagrou who died from non Hodgkin lymphoma in 2006 at the age of 22.

"in less than a year, she passed away, and to this day, I don't understand how someone perfectly healthy, could go from perfectly healthy to gone in less than a year."


hose are questions
Lagrou tries, but can't explain to his young son.


hile answers are not in reach

, reactions to the lawsuit are. Whirlpool Corporation in a statement says, "we are working closely with the current property owner, the u.s. EPA and the Ohio EPA to address the issues at the former whirlpool park through the Ohio EPA voluntary action program ... "


Alan Mortensen with the Dewsnup, King, and Olsen law firm represents other families affected by the contamination. He says, "the cancer cluster families believe that if the lawsuit filed by the Albrechta firm was done prematurely or with speculative opportunism based upon the work that has been done by the cancer cluster families, their experts and attorneys, the Sandusky County Health Department, the Ohio EPA and the United States EPA, it may be detrimental."


remature is what the lawyers representing the current owners of
Whirlpool Park are also saying. In a phone interview with lawyer Thomas Bowlus, he says their clients, Grist Mill Creek, LLC were never told about the hazardous soil from Whirlpool and the owners never tested the soil because they were told by the corporation there were no problems.