Leaky gas caps cost you cash

Why pay more at the pump when you can replace your leaky gas cap for free?

There is an easy and free way to keep cash in your pocket and help protect the environment. According to the Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments, a leaky gas cap could cost a motorist a full tank of gas every year. And the vapors from gas and diesel fuels contribute to the formation of ground level ozone.

Members of the City of Toledo Division of Environmental Services are testing gas caps around Lucas and Wood counties and offering free replacements for leaky caps. Testing takes only a few minutes. If your cap is leaky, youâ??ll get a new one on the spot.

"Your gas cap could be leaking regardless of the age of your car, but the odds are higher if your gas cap is more than 3 years old. Significant numbers of cars are leaking gas fumes through their gas caps," according to Toledo Metropolitan Area Council of Governments website. "This wastes gas and money and adds to our areaâ??s pollution problem. Every leaking gas cap equals 199 pounds more pollution in our air every year."

For the full schedule of summer gas cap testing, head to their website.