Leipsic pub fire investigation continues

After decades in the Leipsic community, Petersenâ??s Pub burned to the ground shortly after closing on Saturday morning.

â??Itâ??s a shame,â?? said owner Mike Petersen, who re-opened the former â??Paradise Pointâ?? pub in March after acquiring the property from its previous owners.

Petersen and his wife remodeled much of the structureâ??s interior, but still kept some of the barâ??s original furnishings that had existed since the 1970s.

â??It was kind of a gathering (place) to get together,â?? said Carl Chmenk, a neighbor and former patron of the bar on Sugar Street from years ago. He continued, â??We would play shuffleboard and have a couple of beers, and something to eat.â??

Petersen says business was moving in the right direction before the fire. Now, the charred remains of bar stools, signs, and tables litter the property that was one of Leipsicâ??s few establishments for dining and nightlife.

â??This is something the town really needed,â?? said Petersen. â??We put a lot of hard work and sweat into it.â??

The fire marshall will continue his investigation on Monday to determine what caused the blaze. Petersen says he will take time to decide if he will rebuild Petersenâ??s Pub.