Letter calls neighbor's Christmas lights 'Pagan'

Do Christmas lights take away from the reason for the season? / theogeo (Flickr)

What Christmas isn't complete without a decorated Evergreen, gifts adorned with bows and a shining lights display outside? According to one Michigan homeowner's neighbors, these are far from the reason for the season.

According to WZZM, an anonymous letter-writer taped a message to Danette Hoekman's mailbox, calling the family's Christmas light display "pagan."

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"Hi Neighbor, you have a nice display of lights," the letter begins before going off into a story about Pagan Sun worshippers and the history of the "festival of lights."

"It's a sin to judge other people and to tell people that if they have Christmas lights they are pagans. We're not pagans, we go to church regularly, my kids go to the Christian school," Hoekman said. "I think next year we should put on a huge display!"

The letter also said displaying wreaths, mistletoe, Yule-log bonfires and trees are part of "heathen worship" and do not pertain to the birth of Jesus.

Is the letter going overboard or does it have a point? Do Christmas displays take away from the reason for the season?

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