Libbey supporters trying to buy time to save school

A school that stood as a pillar in the south Toledo community is up for auction. Libbey High School will go to auction on August 10, 2011. The asking price is $395,000. The former school is in need of serious repair, and that was taken into consideration when a price was named for the building. If there's no body that comes forward thru that process then why the district is going to have to continue to move forward thru the demolition process, said VP of Toledo Public School Board, Lisa Sobecki. On Friday, school board member Brenda Hill tagged along with The Libbey Alumni Group in taking Libbey's plea to Columbus. The Libbey Alumni Group has been working adamantly to save the school. The LAG went before the Ohio Historical Site Preservation on behalf of community members, who want Libbey to be saved. The historical board agreed, nominating the building to be in the National Register of Historic Places. A decision that could take up to 90 days. At the least it will buy building more time if it TMs not bought at auction.